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TELL THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO NOT SPEND ANY OF YOUR INCOME TAX TO FUND THE ONGOING CLIMATE CRISIS AND THE VIOLATION OF INDIGENOUS RIGHTS. In our research collaboration with forest defender Molly Murphy, we found that the BC and federal government are spending our tax payer money on the C-IRG, an arm of the RCMP, that are sent in to take down Indigenous blockades and enforce the will of extractive industry, and many more disturbing details. In reaction to these research findings, we are launching a tax strike against public money being used to violently serve private interests. Here’s your chance to tell the federal government not to spend your income tax returns this year on the violation on Indigenous rights and the enforcement of ecocide.

We’ve drafted up a letter you can copy, fill out and send along with this years tax return. Here is the letter and the instructions:…/1Mz7jf7HVi6Q7RksY7knI…/edit…


Click below to download our report on tax strikes!